Our Story

Located in Fuwwah the City of Kilim weaving in Nile Delta, a 100-year-old workshop was situated in the heart of the City By Ibrahim ElGhazouly. with the rise of the industrial revolution has taken its toll on Handmade weaving Handcraft where Machine made rugs were highly on demand. Kilim Studio’s mission is to go back to basics and revive the Handcraft of Kilim Weaving and Support the Local Highly Skilled Kilim Artisians in Keeping their Skill Alive. we added our modern touch in our designs infused with the Traditional designs of Kilim to produce Egyptian handwoven Modern Kilim that fits today’s Interiors and Style.

Our Values

The birth of an extraordinary idea comes from any
origin, rooted in every aspect of life. We believe this
value would present the ideas into astonishing projects.

We care about the quality of products from the choose of yarn till the finishing touches.

We are always open to new ideas and new ways of doing things, whatever thoughts you have, we want to hear it.

All our products are environmentally and economically friendly, we use natural fibers and all our products are hand woven.

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